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Exciting New Dishes!

Introducing two new hot dishes!

  • Black Pepper Beef Rice
    Tender strips of beef stir fried with lip smacking black pepper sauce and crisp veggies with rice.
  • Red Devil Chicken Rice
    Marinated deep fried chicken cubes coated in fiery hot chilli pepper sauce with rice.

* Special offer to university students. Only $5.50 for any Chilliz meal. T & C apply.

Re-introducing our snack selection

Compliment your meal with one or more of the tasty savoury snacks. Choose from ...
  • Deep fried fish balls
  • Curry puff
  • Prawn kebab
  • Spring rolls
  • Vegetable croquette
  • Shrimp katsu stick

Value Meal Special

Terms & Conditions

  • Add $2 to upgrade to value meal.
  • Offer applicable only to regular size meal + choice of any one snack is subject to availability (except prawn kebab cost extra $1) + 375ml can drink or mineral water.
  • Not valid in conjunction with other promotions, discounts or rewards (loyalty card).
  • Chilliz reserves all rights to vary the terms & conditions of the promotion.

Student Special

Terms & Conditions

  • Only applicable to Primary and High school student ($5 per meal) and university students ($5.50 per meal).
  • Must wear uniform or valid student ID (expiry date or current year sticker shown) to receive this offer.
  • Loyalty card is acceptable in this offer.
  • Limited to maximum 2 meals per person.
  • Chilliz reserves all rights to vary the terms & conditions of the offer.

Upcoming New Dishes

  • Nasi Lemak
    Jasmine rice cooked in coconut milk, topped with fried chicken, hard boiled egg, sambal onion, roasted peanuts and cucumber.
  • Peking Chicken Rice
    Juicy chicken cubes smothered in a tangy fruity sauce.
  • Nutty Curry Chicken Rice
    Divine rich chicken curry slow cooked with roasted peanut and potatoes.
  • Satay Chicken Rice
    Stir fry chicken drenched with authentic home-made Malaysian satay sauce.

View our full menu range here.

Loyalty Card

Terms & Conditions

  • One stamp for any meal purchased.
  • Maximum 10 stamps per day per person.
  • Not valid with other promotion (except School Uniform/University Student Special)
  • Redeem $5 voucher when 10 stamps are collected.
  • Fill in details (Name & E-mail) for redemption.
  • Stamps rewarded are not transferable and the $5 voucher cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • The meal redeemed shall not be considered a new purchase & no stamp will be rewarded for it.
  • Chilliz is not responsible for replacing lost, stolen or damaged cards and the accumulated stamps on it.
  • Chilliz reserves all rights to vary or terminate these conditions anytime without prior notice.
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